The history of Hay Horse Show dates back to the late 1800s’ or early 1900s’.  Some surviving cups are dated around 1924.  Whilst we have been given Show Cards as old as 1903.

The Show has been Town Agricultural Show and also at one time included Children’s sports events.

Article in Hereford Times 2007.

There was an article in the Hereford Times asking its readers to help record the history of Hay Horse Show. If you have any information please contact Show Secretary

Hereford Times 29-04-2007The full article can be read here.

Memories of Hay Show from 93 year old Mr. Alfred Jones.

Mr. Alfred JonesMy earliest memory of Hay Horse Show would be about 1926.  It was a big day out for all of the town.  The show was held on the Brecon Road, opposite Oakland Villas.  Our next door neighbour, Jim “Rocky” Seabourn worked for Maddy, the baker and grocer.  They kept two horses for their bread delivery, and I helped Rocky to get them ready for the show.  I remember Rocky getting 2nd prize cards, I think they were for highly commended, and pinning them up in the stable.  Hay Town Brass Band would assemble at the Town Clock and play as they marched through the town and on to the show field.

The problem was that they would stop at every pub they passed to “wet their whistle”, so it took quite a long time, but, nobody cared very much and by the time they reached the show field a gang of us youngsters would be marching behind. That was great fun.

I also remember a large tent on the field for us youngsters to change in for it was also a sports day and I was very fast and won many a halfcrown.  I also remember H.V. Webb in attendance with horse drawn vehicles and cars which were just getting about.  I don’t remember the carts much, we were more interested in the new fangled cars.

It was a great day out, there would be crowds of people and not just from the town,  farmers and landowners would bring horses in from the surrounding area.  Yes, it was a great day out.

Alfred Jones. (aged 93 years)

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